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in the winter, why this lithium battery company can achieve contrarian growth

        the production and sales of new energy vehicles fell year-on-year, and the battery market was not as good as expected, but there are still companies that can continue to soar. on december 24, huizhou yiwei lithium energy co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “yiwei lithium energy”) released the 2019 annual performance forecast: it is expected to achieve a net profit of 1.455 billion to 1.627 billion yuan for the whole year, an increase of 155.00% -185.00% year-on-year.
        the announcement shows that the main reason for the year-on-year growth of yiwei lithium energy in 2019 is the increase in sales of various products of the company and the increase in gross profit margin. for consumer batteries, shipments of lithium primary batteries and spcs have doubled; small-scale lithium-ion batteries have increased production efficiency, reduced costs, and increased profitability. as for power batteries, the production capacity was released in an orderly manner and entered a profitable state. at the same time, shenzhen mcwell technology co., ltd., an electronic cigarette company, indirectly participated in the company's performance exceeded expectations.
       the data of the power battery application branch shows that from january to october, the installed capacity of the power battery of the new energy vehicles of eternal lithium reached 997.76mwh, a year-on-year increase of 35.84%. in addition, according to the data of the institute of advanced industry research (ggii), the number of installed capacity of liwei in november was 1,710, with a total installed power of 238.5mwh, ranking fifth.
liyiwei's lithium energy customers span multiple segments such as passenger cars and commercial vehicles. daimler, lu dizhou, hezhong new energy, nanjing jinlong and dongfeng motor are its customers. since 2019, yiwei li can target the international new energy passenger car market, focus on the development of high-end passenger car customers such as daimler, and make corresponding progress.
『landizhou zhouweitu x35 equipped with yiwei li-ion power battery』
之后 after the transition period of financial subsidies for new energy vehicles, the total domestic power battery installed capacity continued to decline, but yiwei's lithium energy increased against the trend. as an upstream power battery supplier, finding a development path suitable for itself still has a chance to win development in the cold winter of the auto market. (text / car home li zhengguang)