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review of the ten hottest topics in the new energy automobile industry in 2019 (on)

in 2019, the automotive industry is undergoing profound changes, and new energy vehicle industries are surging. what events in this year are worth paying attention to? gasworld has selected ten hot topics from which to readers.
hot spot one: new energy vehicles suffer from subsidy backlash
       on december 10, the latest production and sales data released by the china automobile industry association showed that the production and sales of new energy vehicles in november were 110,000 and 95,000, respectively, a year-on-year decrease of 36.9% and 43.7%. for the fifth consecutive month, production and sales have fallen year-on-year, and the full year of 2019 may show a year-on-year negative growth.
       the decline in sales was mainly due to the combination of multiple factors, such as subsidizing cliff-like declines, pressure on the auto market, switching between the national five, the national six, and the lack of consumer confidence, resulting in a sharp decline in market demand. the china automobile association has lowered its new energy vehicle sales target for 2019 from 1.6 million to 1.4 million. however, from the perspective of cumulative production and sales data, from january to november this year, the production and sales of new energy vehicles were 1.093 million and 1.043 million, respectively, a year-on-year increase of 3.6% and 1.3%, and the overall trend is still good.
       the trend from policy-driven to market-driven is the general trend. 2020 is the last year of subsidies. the double-point policy will play a supporting role, and new energy vehicles will usher in a real new stage of marketization. on december 3, the ministry of industry and information technology issued the "2021-2035 new energy vehicle industry development plan" for consultation, and proposed that by 2025, the sales volume of new energy vehicles and new vehicles will reach about 25%, bringing new development energy to the new energy vehicle market. confidence.
       the gas research institute believes that the indicators of the new version of the draft are more legible and provide safeguards from five major aspects: industry management, policies and regulations, talents, intellectual property rights, and organizational system intelligence. market-led and innovation-driven have become the main means, more focused on encouraging technological innovation capabilities, building new industrial ecology, and infrastructure construction. china's new energy automobile industry has entered an important transition period after years of development. the current industry demand is mainly based on government business and b-end network appointments. the private consumer market has not yet been released. in the future, with the continuous improvement of infrastructure and battery costs, the reduction, as well as the promotion of double points and fuel consumption goals, the new energy vehicle market will gradually become market-oriented. the domestic new energy vehicle market will experience a growth callback and industrial adjustment in the short term, and will maintain rapid growth in the medium and long term.
hot spot 2: foreign brands launch new energy models
       with the liberalization of policies, the pace of foreign auto companies in china's new energy vehicle market is accelerating this year. mainstream joint venture brands have launched their first new energy models.
       with the debut of six plug-in hybrid models in december last year, volkswagen kicked off the first phase of the new energy vehicle offensive in china. this year, faw-volkswagen golf · pure electric and bora · pure electric, as well as saic volkswagen lavida electric edition the listing of the company marks the second phase of volkswagen's electric offensive. in 2020, the volkswagen brand will also launch its fourth pure electric model.
       faw toyota and gac toyota launched their first new energy models, the corolla double engine e and ralink double engine e ; saic gm buick launched a pure electric car-velite 6 "slight blue"; dongfeng honda's first pure electric vehicle x- the debut of nv officially kicked off the first year of dongben electrification; renault eno was officially listed at the chengdu auto show, demonstrating the strategic layout of dongfeng renault's electric vehicle market in china; with its 500km endurance performance, beijing hyundai angino ev and gac toyota ia5 many joint venture pure electric models stand out; with the launch of the new eqc pure electric suv, mercedes-benz took the lead in opening the era of electric luxury of the bba in the chinese market; the first luxury c-class pure electric suv was introduced into the chinese market at the end of the year. it is the beginning of audi's slogan for the electrification of the chinese market; there are also new cars such as gac honda ’s first pure electric suv ve-1 and jmc ford's ev debut; bmw brilliance 5 series phev ranked fourth in sales in november. it can be seen that although the entry is later than the independent brands, the market share of foreign brands has shown a rapid increase.
       in the short term, foreign brands rely on phev and bev products launched by domestic partners to respond to double credit requirements, mainly considering product costs, consumer habits, and other factors. hybrid and plug-in hybrid products are used in product planning and technical route launch. mainly, pure electric products are more conservative than their own brands. in the long run, the brand premium and competitiveness of foreign and joint venture products will intensify market competition in the future. independent brands need to improve product quality and performance, and work hard on brand building.
hot spot 3: tesla staged "china speed"
       the shanghai factory is tesla's no. 3 super factory, which is likened to a "dreadnought". from july 2018, tesla signed a memorandum of cooperation with the shanghai municipal government and officially settled in shanghai lingang. it broke ground in january of this year and completed the main plant in september. in less than one year, tesla staged an amazing scene. "china speed."
       the shanghai super factory has now entered the trial production stage. according to the plan, the annual production capacity is expected to reach 150,000 vehicles in 2020 and will reach 500,000 vehicles per year in the future. the production models are model 3 first and then model y.
       tesla, which has already entered china, is about to start a "great leap forward" in the chinese market. elon musk's plan to rely on the chinese market will enter a new stage. for other electric vehicle companies, it will be more brutal competition. the age is coming!
       at present, tesla's market value is about $ 74 billion, which exceeds general motors by about $ 20 billion, which is almost twice that of ford. the q3 2019 financial report turned a profit into an important turning point, and the latest product, cybertruck, released in november, also caused a lot of sensation. it can be said that tesla is still the leader of the electrification trend.
       with the model 3 steadily ranking first in the sales of new energy vehicles in europe, tesla wants to go to the next city, enter berlin, invest in the construction of european super factories, and fully penetrate the three major automotive markets in north america, china and europe.
       model 3 prices radiate most of the mid-to-high-end segment of passenger cars and are at the bottom of the price of traditional luxury fuel-fueled vehicle models. with the domesticization of european and domestic markets, their price advantages, brand and reputation advantages will gradually be released.
       (to be continued)