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investment 1.18 billion! changqing new energy waste lithium battery recycling utilization and phase i of trinity precursor project put into production

        on december 29th, the commissioning ceremony of fujian changqing new energy technology co., ltd.'s "recycling and utilization of 150,000 tons of waste lithium batteries and ternary precursor project (phase i) project with an annual output of 100,000 tons" was held in longyan city, fujian province. hangyang ouyang industrial park was grandly held!
       public information shows that evergreen new energy was established in october 2018 with a registered capital of 200 million yuan. evergreen new energy is jointly invested and established by geely group, the first private car brand of china, and shanshan energy, which has been ranked no. 1 in china's lithium battery anode material competitiveness for five consecutive years, and zijin mining, the world's largest international mining group. the utilization of battery resources and the research and development, production, sales and import and export trade of lithium battery ternary precursors will make full use of the advantages of various shareholders to create an ecological closed-loop industrial chain of lithium battery resources.
       changqing new energy's five-year plan has a total investment of 6.589 billion yuan, a planned land area of ​​1,150 acres, the construction of a 150,000-ton / year waste lithium battery resource utilization and a 100,000-ton / year ternary precursor production line, which will be constructed in three phases. the first phase of the project invested 1.18 billion yuan and 200 acres of land to build a 10,000-ton / year waste lithium battery resource utilization production line and a 20,000-ton / year ternary precursor production line. it was completed and put into operation on december 29, 2019.