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hubei fire fighting xiangyang detachment comes to our company for fire drill

        on october 12, in order to promote our company's fire safety construction and enhance fire prevention and emergency response capabilities, the hubei fire-fighting xiangyang detachment was specially invited to come to our company to conduct a fire-fighting rescue plan drill. the company's safety team and production department closely cooperated with this drill.
        at the drill site, the leader of the detachment led all the fire officers and soldiers to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the building structure, fire pump room, fire control room, indoor and outdoor fire hydrants, automatic fire alarm facilities in the workshop, and fire escape routes. after the inspection, the fire officers and soldiers carried out emergency rescue drills on the simulated fire scene outside the workshop.
        based on the current situation, the detachment analyzes the fire safety situation of our company
        at 10:00 am, the drill officially started. when the fire commander gave an order, the fire truck was in place quickly. several fire fighters rushed to the drill site wearing fire uniforms. after the hose was unfolded, the three firefighters rushed to the front with a spray fire gun. during the entire exercise, all fire officers and soldiers cooperated closely and cooperated successfully. after half an hour of joint battle, they successfully completed the exercise mission.
        three firefighters rushed to the front with spray fire guns
        the fire drill demonstrated that the company's management and inspection of various fire protection facilities are in place, the facilities are intact and can meet the needs of fire emergency rescue, and at the same time, our company's fire safety awareness has been greatly improved, and always be alert to all kinds of accidents to ensure the company's fire safety.