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business as the foundation, with party affairs as the link

       on october 20, 2019, the secretary of the party committee of the 201 testing center of the china weapons group went to xiangyang, hubei, to exchange his party building work with the depp electric party branch while visiting the 201 power supply battery testing project with depp electric.
       the secretary of the 201 inspection center and the party representatives participating in the project participated in the party building exchange meeting with secretary wu of the party branch of depp electric and party activists. secretary wu exchanged with the secretary of the inspection center 201 the situation of the grassroots organization construction of the depp electric party, the party members and party building image entered the enterprise, the party member pioneer model in depp, and the party members cared about the relationship between the party and the masses.
the scene of the joint meeting of the 201st testing center of depp electric party construction
       during the period, secretary zong once again thanked depp electric for its contribution and dedication in the joint inspection project of both parties, and expressed its high recognition and appreciation for depp electric's insistence on party building. he said that as a private sme, it is so important to the party building work, the party building and business are so closely integrated, and the caring and party learning activities of the party and the masses are very valuable and worthy of learning and respect.
       later, secretary zong emphasized on the introduction of the educational activities of the party committee of the 201 inspection centers: “do n’t forget the original intention, keep the mission in mind”, the educational activities of the military, the state-owned enterprises, and the “three big and one big” party committees. advanced thinking and methods in work development, combined with recent cases of patriotism and patriotism, said: "strengthening party building is an epochal requirement for the country to strengthen patriotism and patriotism education in the new period, and it is a major practice to implement the country's governance principles the members of depp electric attended the meeting and felt that they had attended a profound party lesson. they gave warm applause to secretary zong's high political awareness, rich theoretical knowledge, and the systematic and standardized development of party building work.
secretary of zong 201 inspection center exchanged party building experience with depp electric (first from left)
       secretary zong said that through this test project and party building exchanges jointly conducted with depp electric, depp electric felt that it is a company with a deep cultural atmosphere, integrated interpersonal relationships, strong technical strength, strong mobilization ability, and implementation of standard specifications. it is hoped that the two sides will strengthen exchanges and maintain interaction in business and party affairs, and welcome company management, technical experts and members of the party committee to the 201 exchanges, and promote cooperation between the two parties on multiple business types and higher strategic levels.
secretary zong took a group photo with chairman and party committee members of depu electric
cpc committee of hubei depu electric co., ltd.
the "hubei depu electric co., ltd. branch committee" was established on june 29, 2018, with 12 formal party members, and a higher-level party organization, the "mizhuang town party committee of the cpc high-tech zone". the company has 22 party members, including 10 formal party members (1 secretary, 1 deputy secretary, and 1 member), and 12 activists. about 20% of the total number of companies.