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depp won the xiangyang automobile institute of electrical engineering, "vice president of the unit."

warm congratulations to depp electric
won the "vice president unit" of xiangyang automobile engineering society
       it is reported that the 2020 annual working meeting of xiangyang automotive engineering society was successfully held on december 20. one of the decisions of the meeting was to add a vice president unit through voting and election. after multiple layers of voting and voting, hubei depu electric co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "depu electric") was awarded the "vice president of xiangyang automobile engineering society" unit".
△ xiangyang automotive engineering society 2020 annual working conference
       being elected as "vice president unit" this time, this is the xiangyang automotive engineering society's full recognition of depp electric's contribution in the field of new energy vehicles. as the leader of china's new energy vehicle power battery test equipment industry, depp electric has continuously improved its core competitiveness and continuously expanded its influence by virtue of years of technical accumulation and excellent product advantages. it has provided more than 300 new energy vehicles and other industries. customers provide overall test solutions for battery cells, modules, and pack systems, and have achieved fruitful results in the field of new energy vehicle power battery testing. not forgetting the original intention, looking to the future, depp electric will continue to strengthen technological innovation, optimize product structure based on market demand, and contribute its own strength to the development of new energy industries.
△ depu electric was elected "vice president unit"
       the xiangyang automobile engineering society is a local branch of the china automobile engineering society, a member of the china automobile engineering society, and a member unit of the hubei new energy vehicle standard alliance. the society is guided by xiangyang science and technology association and supervised and managed by xiangyang civil affairs bureau. its members are distributed in 3 provinces and cities, 6 cities, 10 colleges, 5 research institutes, and 100 parts in the hanjiang river basin. the car factory has played a positive role in promoting the scientific and technological progress of the automobile industry in xiangyang. as the vice president unit, depp electric will, as always, adhere to the innovation of industry technology, give full play to the vanguard advantages of the industry, and actively promote the healthy development of xiangyang automobile industry together with the society and contribute to serving the local economy.