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adding good news 丨 depu electric won the "lithium think 2019 equipment excellence award"

on november 15, the third china lithium battery award ceremony was held in tianjin. hundreds of guests including leaders, academicians, experts, scholars, and business representatives from the domestic and foreign power battery industry chain field witnessed the ceremony this moment of glory. after intense competition, depp electric won the third lithium imagination award of china's power battery industry-lithium imagine 2019 equipment excellence award.
the third china lithium imagination award of the power battery industry has more than 200 power battery industry chain companies to participate. recognition of outstanding companies and pioneers who have contributed to the development of china's battery industry. the awards include six major awards including product trust award, technology innovation award, material pilot award, equipment superiority award, potential dark horse award and annual person award. in addition, in order to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's republic of china, and to commend the companies and people who have contributed to the development of the battery industry in the past 70 years, a "special contribution award" and "industry style award" have been added this year. the "lithium think award" has also become the most extensive and authoritative blockbuster award in the power battery industry chain.
△ depp electric won the "lithium think 2019 equipment excellence award"
as a participating company, depp electric won awards for its outstanding performance in technological innovation and product applications. this not only means that depp has made achievements in equipment research and development, smart device technology innovation, intelligent solutions, order status and the excellent ability demonstrated by customer feedback and other aspects has been widely recognized and highly affirmed by the industry, and it is also a strong impetus for depp in technological progress and innovation and development.
△ strength witness honor-li xiang award
as the leader of china's power battery test equipment industry, depp electric has continuously improved its core competitiveness and continuously expanded its industry influence by virtue of years of technical accumulation and strong product advantages. it has provided batteries for more than 300 customers in new energy and other industries. , module, pack system as a whole test solution, has achieved fruitful results in the field of new energy power battery testing. do not forget the original intention, looking to the future, based on market demand, depp electric will continue to strengthen technological innovation, optimize product structure, help china move towards the road of power battery industry, and contribute its own power to the development of new energy industry!